viernes, junio 08, 2007

Los del viernes atacan de nuevo!!!!!

Si, ¡¡¡han vuelto y recargados!!! Son los tests inútiles y divertidos de los viernes, espero se diviertan haciéndolos, en estas tardes tan calurosas.

Este ese de amistad:

You Are a Good Friend Because You're Supportive

You are almost like a life coach for your best friends.
You give them help when they need it... but you also know when to give them a push.

People tend to rely on you for moral support and advice.
You've probably always been mature for your age, so this is a role that's you're comfortable with.

A friend like you is one of the rarest kinds.
You are both a good mentor and companion.

Your friends need you most when: They are confused or worried

You really can't be friends with: Someone who only wants to complain

Your friendship quote: "The only way to have a friend is to be one."

Este es sobre qué tipo de alma soy, y no esta tan errado X)

You Are a Warrior Soul

You're a strong person and sometimes seen as intimidating.
You don't give up. You're committed and brave.
Truly adventuresome, you are not afraid of going to battle.
Extremely protective of loved ones, you root for the underdog.

You are picky about details and rigorous in your methods.
You also value honesty and fairness a great deal.
You can be outspoken, intimidating, headstrong, and demanding.
You're a hardliner who demands the best from themselves and others.

Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul

Hasta el próximo viernes de tests!!!

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the lines on my face dijo...

pues yo salí buena amiga por ser accesible, jajajaja sepa, dice que es imposible que me lleve con gente terca, lo cual no es cierto, jajaja, sino nadamás vete al espejo.
cuídese ;)

Linda dijo...

A mi me salio que soy buena amiga por ser leal...jejeje. Ojala sea cierto :P.